CHVRCHES Explore Young Love in Nostalgic 'Graffiti' Video: Watch

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CHVRCHES, "Graffiti"

CHVRCHES released a music video for “Graffiti,” the first song off their most recent album Love Is Dead, on Tuesday (Oct. 9). Both the song and video explore the fantasy of growing older with your childhood love.

The synth-pop band’s video opens with a retro TV shattering, revealing a boy and girl on a bicycle together while frontwoman Lauren Mayberry sings, “I’m writing to ask you; did you achieve all you wanted to do?”

The pair then stands on a tire swing, relaxes under a tree and plays in the leaves together in slow motion. The second verse opens with the children, now older, sharing headphones. They mess with random trinkets like a Rubick's Cube and snow globe, which float above them during the chorus in the same way the leaves did.

A final scene shows the two slowly rising into the air in a rundown barn as if they were in a dream. Mayberry sings, “I’ve been waiting for my whole life to grow old/And now we never will, never will,” suggesting that the kid’s idea of their romanticized relationship continuing forever into adulthood is simply a fantasy.

Watch the new video below.