Sabrina Carpenter Gets Super Messy During Theatrical 'Almost Love' Performance on 'Late Late Show': Watch

Sabrina Carpenter James Corden
Terence Patrick/CBS

James Corden and Sabrina Carpenter on The Late Late Show with James Corden on Oct. 1, 2018. 

When Sabrina Carpenter showed up on The Late Late Show with her new pop single “Almost Love” Monday (Oct. 1), she didn't just sing: she painted the stage with her music. Literally.   

Sitting on a white stage stocked with Roman columns and statues, the former Girl Meets World star began her performance looking like an actress caught in the middle of a play. The theatrics increased as picture frames on the back wall of the room-like set began falling and hands poked through the rips in the canvas. Carpenter added to the drama by smearing hot pink paint on a female statue.   

"Can you feel the tension rising?" she sang, as the disembodied hands throw neon paint across the set. She matched the confusion with dramatic dance moves, staining her all-white outfit with paint as she writhed on the floor.   

During the second chorus, Carpenter ripped down a corner of the wallpaper revealing a blurry photo of herself and took a break from the excitement to sing to a statue reminiscent of the one in the “Almost Love” music video. The lights dimmed then went bright again as the stage became one final, messy fluorescent frenzy.   

Carpenter closed her performance by spray painting "11/9" next to the photo of herself, revealing the release date of her third studio album, Singular.

Watch the video for yourself below.