Sophie Turner Did the Weirdest Thing Ever With Her Tongue When Joe Jonas Introduced Her to Justin Bieber: Watch

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Sophie Turner on The Late Late Show with James Corden. 

She also sang a grown-up version of "Baby Shark" on "The Late Late Show" on Wednesday night (Sept. 26).

Sophie Turner is a big Justin Bieber fan. Strike that, the 22 year-old Game of Thrones star might just be the biggest Belieber there is. Case in point: on Wednesday night (Sept. 26) she popped into The Late Late Show to promote her upcoming X-Men: Dark Phoenix movie and let it slip that when she was 16 her mother made a life-sized JB cut-out of her with the singer that brought her to tears. That, of course, was before she was engaged to Joe Jonas, who was actually able to introduce her to the also-engaged Canadian pop supernova.  

"I've always loved Justin Bieber and I met him once... well, twice now. I don't want to brag, but I'm kind of in love with Justin Bieber," she told Corden with a sarcastic eye roll. Turner described getting a tour of a house in Miami with Jonas where Bieber was reportedly hanging out, and walking upstairs to see the "One Less Lonely Girl" singer chilling in a chair shirtless. "I got up there and he's sat there shirtless in this dark room getting a head massage and I was like, 'Oh my God, this is amazing!," she described, adding that she promptly said hello back and ran into a closet to cry for five minutes.    

"And then I came out with Joe and Justin goes to Joe, 'Yo, Joe, I heard you got a new girl.' And Joe was like, 'Yeah, yeah, she's over there." At which point, for reasons she cannot explain, Turner made a very strange gesture with her fingers and tongue that mystified Corden. "Wow, of all the things that I thought you were going to say that you did, that wasn't it," he said, repeating the potentially NSFW gesture. For the record, Jonas ushered her out before she could see Bieber's reaction and has never let her live it down.

The actress (aka "Mommy Shark") also helped Corden transform the viral "Baby Shark" song from an annoying children's anthem into a more, let's say, sensual, adult ballad with some help from "Daddy Shark" Josh Groban, a gospel choir and some elegant dancers in shark heads and evening wear.

Watch Turner's Bieber story and "Baby Shark" song below.