Get to Know 'My Story' Singer Loren Gray: Watch

This week, Billboard caught up with 16-year-old singer and social media star Loren Gray to find out more about her. In the Sept. 24 episode of “You Should Know,” Gray chats about everything from her love of baking shows to what the inspiration behind her song “My Story” was.

Asked what her biggest guilty pleasure is, the singer tells Billboard that despite the fact that she does not bake, she loves to watch baking shows. She then divulges that she has hidden talent: being able to recite the alphabet backwards.

Gray also shares that she loves sloths because in addition to being “cute” and “cuddly,” they sleep a lot, just like she does. She also states that she “could die happy” if she ever got to collaborate with Eminem, who she names as her favorite artist of all time.

On the subject of who she would want to play her in a movie, Gray selects Lady Gaga, explaining, “Even though Lady Gaga and I are nothing alike, I've seen her in American Horror Story and my friend was over last night who was actually on American Horror Story. She says she's cool.”

In the interview, Gray also discusses her song “My Story,” revealing that it is based on an experience a friend of hers had. “She kept falling in love with the wrong people,” Gray says. “And it kinda showed me that you almost need to take those risks to mess up and learn what you want in a future relationship."

You can learn much more about Loren Gray in the video above, and listen to “My Story” below.