Dana and the Wolf Spice Up Their Day Jobs in Feisty 'Attitude' Video: Exclusive

Dana and the Wolf
Bryan Mederos

Dana and the Wolf

Los Angeles electro pop duo Dana and the Wolf have debuted a rambunctious video for their track "Attitude," premiering exclusively on Billboard today (Sept. 21). It'll resonate with anyone who's ever had to, you know, work for a living.

The self-directed video opens with a scene set in the actual retail store that singer Dana Hobson works at during her day job. Fans see Hobson sitting in the back office, singing to herself before her manger comes in and lectures her that she's wasting time and needs to get back to work. With a scowl on her face, Hobson bursts into song and dances around the dressing room, singing about her boss' terrible attitude.

"When we shot the video, I was on the worst day of a cold," Hobson shares. "I was miserable and blowing my nose between every take, so it wasn't hard for me to act like I was at a job instead of with a wonderful and loving cast and crew."

The scenes then flip between Hobson working as a pizza delivery girl and an office worker, singing about how their boss doesn't have any real power, before bandmember Daniel Wolf makes an appearance as her conscience to remind her, "This is what you gotta do."

Viewers then realize that all the dancing, singing, and pizza smearing was all in Hobson's mind; instead of boldly calling out her boss' faults, she accepts her fate.

"I've had friends and relatives tell me to change the 'motherfucker' section numerous times," Wolf says. "I actually wrote a PG version but scrapped it right before we submitted it to our distributor." 

The song was inspired by Wolf's experience as a waiter for eight years, before working in music full time and being able to direct videos like the one for "Attitude." Adds Wolf, "Having a day job isn't just a Disney story waiting to happen. It fucking sucks."

Get a first look at the wild video for "Attitude" below.