Ashlee Simpson & Evan Ross Debut Sultry Track 'Paris' On 'Ashlee+Evan': Listen

Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for dcp

Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson attend the 2018 Billboard Music Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 20, 2018 in Las Vegas. 

Proving that love and business can be a successful combination, Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross continue their exciting journey of making (and releasing) new music together on their new E! reality show ASHLEE + EVAN

Showcasing a new song from their upcoming album on every episode, on Sunday (Sept. 16) the couple got personal and real when debating the release of their new joint single, “Paris.”  

Butting heads over the track, Ross insisted on getting the song out to “get a vibe,” while Simpson urged against it. "That's not how I want to put our first song out after like, this many years." the "Pieces of Me" star explained. Simpson, who got famously traumatized after her infamous 2004 lip-sync-fail on SNL, understandably wants to the deliver a flawless body of music. 

"You've never done this before. I have," Simpson reminded her husband. "And if you make a mistake or whatever... I've had albums out and you make a stupid mistake or you do something like that and you can never f--king take that back."

Reaching out to his father-in-law for some clarity, Ross sat down with Joe Simpson to get advice on how to meet his wife halfway. "When me and Ashlee start moving, it's exciting 'cause things are actually happening," Ross confided in Joe. "All of a sudden there's a stop and I could tell it's become a little too real and she's pulling back." 

"When you're young, you're fearless, right? You haven't had failure yet," the former manager explained. "And then as you grow and you go through failures and you go through mistakes, then all of a sudden these voices get in your head. That's part of maturity, you have to manage the voices," Joe added.

By the end of the episode, Simpson was finally comfortable with releasing a preview of the track. "I'm not ready to like, perform tomorrow and those steps are maybe too far for me, but maybe we like, play our music or something," Simpson suggested.

After kissing and making up, the couple then agreed to debut the track at Evan's club Warwick in Hollywood, where they danced the night away as “Paris” played on the background with the intimate lyrics, "Now I'm free/ And the world keeps spinning around/ And around and around/ We in the streets in Paris/ In between the sheets." 

Listen to “Paris” below and watch ASHLEE+EVAN next Sunday for a sneak-peak of another new track.