Lauren Hashian and Naz Tokio Let Their Hair Down in 'Samson' Video: Exclusive

Lauren Hashian
Joe Goger

Lauren Hashian

Singer-songwriter Lauren Hashian and Grammy-nominated artist Naz Tokio are making their art stand for something beyond the lyrics and visuals in the video for their collaborative single “Samson,” premiering exclusively on Billboard today (Sept. 14).

In a video with a treatment written by Hashian herself, the visual features the two artists splitting time between glitzy, futuristic interiors and a remote, tribalistic locale inhabited by a pack of wolves. Rife with spellbinding art direction and spotlight features -- including producer Mike Zombie (Drake’s “Started From The Bottom”), Jamaican DJ Marley Waters and fashion model Adonis Bosso, as well as martial arts choreography by Khang Vu and Keenan Car -- the Deangelo Harding & Dustin Shepard-directed video goes above the surreal by adding tactile and practical reality.

“We wanted the ‘Samson’ video to feel very real and symbolic,” Hashian tells Billboard. “The wolves we shot with represent loyalty, protection and trust. The symbol of the ninjas is also protection and finding your inner strength.

Samson is a warrior and in control of her strength, coming to powerfully protect the people she loves," she adds.

The animals featured in the video were provided by the wolf rescue sanctuary Wolf Connection that also offers youth empowerment programs for at-risk children. For more information, check out their website here.

Watch the video for “Samson” below.