Mel B Confirms Spice Girls Reunion Tour on 'Late Late Show': Watch

Mel B, Olivia Munn and Dr. Phil

Mel B, Olivia Munn and Dr. Phil on The Late Late Show with James Corden on Sept. 13, 2018.

Spice Girls fans everywhere should get very excited because on Thursday (Sept. 13) Mel B confirmed on The Late Late Show that a reunion tour is definitely going to happen.

Irrationally excited host James Corden cut to the chase and asked Mel B who may or may not be part of the long-rumored tour. After the host went down the list of all the Spice Girls, getting a yes from the America's Got Talent judge on all of them, things stalled out when he got to Posh Spice aka Victoria Beckham.

"We'll see about that one. But us four are definitely going on tour," Mel said before adding that, "she [Beckham] may join us for a few." Then, with a look to the camera the singer said, "She better do," as if speaking directly to Beckham. At press time there was no official announcement of the tour.

Another idea tossed around during the interview was having celebrity guests fill in for Posh. Corden tasked fellow guest Olivia Munn to do a Posh impression, which was, honestly, spot on. Mel applauded Munn for her imitation and then said, "Katy Perry would be good, wouldn't she?"

Later, Mel embarrassingly admitted that not only does she still have her original Spice Girls wardrobe, but she's actually created a shrine-like area in her room with all of her Spice Girls memorabilia. After asking if that was a bit weird, both Munn and fellow guest Dr. Phil said, "It's a little weird."

As of now, the Spice Girls are reportedly hitting the road in 2019 on a 13-date tour across the UK culminating with three shows at Wembley Stadium in London. Perhaps it is there that all five Spices will reunite? Or, Mel can just keep Munn on standby just in case.

Check out the full interview below.