Christine and the Queens' New Album Is 'Full of Sweat, Lust and Excitement': Watch

Ahead of the Sept. 21 release of her sophomore album Chris, Christine and the Queens sat down with Billboard to discuss sexuality and gender in music, her new stage persona and what fans can expect from her forthcoming record.

The French artist, born Heloise Letissier, tells Billboard that with her music, she is striving to create something in the world of pop music that she feels is lacking, which is different ways to exist as a woman and different ways to discuss desire.

“It's body politics,” she says. “When you're a young girl flipping through the pages of a magazine that tells you how to please your man, it's already politics in there. It’s like a heteronormative vision of sex. It's like a certain way to see sex and a certain way to see yourself and then, boom, intimacy is shaped by something else.”

Letissier also discusses her alter egos of Christine and Chris, explaining that when she takes on these “stage characters,” as she calls them, they are the “truest form” of who she could be.

“They are the immediate reflection of what I am and what I'm obsessed with and who I want to become,” she shares. “So it's the truest form of expression I can find. And Christine was the best way for me to express myself from 2014 to up to like two years with touring Chaleur Humaine as an album.”

“And Chris is now, I think, the truest version of myself and the clearest way to introduce myself,” she continues. “And it’s very much a character that is made of more different facets. Maybe has more defiance but is also way more vulnerable in a way.”

Speaking of her forthcoming record, Chris, Letissier shares that the collection of songs is more uptempo, and it is full of “sweat, and lust and excitement.”

“I think it's more carnal, and raw, and unfiltered,” she says. “Even in the singing, I feel like I'm hiding less and voicing more, and articulating more and projecting more. It's a record of desire also, so it's about being out in the world way more than the first one. It's about trying. Trying and going out and see what happens, you know?”

You can watch the full video interview above.