Anna Shoemaker Allows Herself to Get 'Too High' While Falling in Love: Premiere

Courtesy of Thrice Cooked Media
Anna Shoemaker

New York based singer/songwriter Anna Shoemaker's debut EP East Side drops Friday (Sept. 14) and Billboard is premiering the lead single "Too High" ahead of the release. Recorded with Grammy-nominated producer JT Daly, Shoemaker's fun indie-pop sound draws inspiration from R&B vocal tones and hip-hop beats, seamlessly fusing into one blissful hybrid.  

“For me there’s no point in living a neutral life," Shoemaker tells Billboard about her new single. "I think there’s beauty and excitement to be found in both highs and lows." She channeled the feeling of experiencing everything to the highest degree in the new song, which she wrote while falling in love. "I was terrified because all I wanted to know was that this person felt the same about me and that we could be together and make it work -- all the bullshit that comes with dating."

In the end, Shoemaker decided to let go and feel the emotions, which flow freely and honestly in “Too High.”

"I just had this moment where I was like, 'Fuck it, there is no use worrying about this stuff. My life has already been full of highs and lows and I’ve survived this far, so I think I can handle whatever happens,'" she recalls. "I gave myself permission to get 'too high.' I let myself fall and I’m still falling.”

Amid falling in love, the 23-year-old Philadelphia native caught the attention of real-life shoe maker Steve Madden and his business partner Steve Feinberg, who signed her to their fashion-forward label 5Towns Records late last year. With her style-focused label behind her, Shoemaker has worked with many noteworthy photographers in the industry like Elaine Constantine and Max Papendieck. Along with releasing East Side this fall, she also stars in Madden's #GenSteve ad campaign. Now based in New York, Shoemaker will be performing at Manhattan's Pianos bar on Sept. 21 and Brooklyn's Pete's Candy Store on Oct. 11.

Get an exclusive first listen of "Too High" below.