Troye Sivan Talks 'Boy Erased' and Performs 'Plum' on 'Late Show': Watch

Troye Sivan
Scott Kowalchyk/CBS

Troye Sivan performs on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Sept. 6, 2018.

Rising pop star Troye Sivan stopped by the The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Thursday (Sept. 6) his coming out experience, and his role in the upcoming movie Boy Erased, which will be released Nov. 2.

After briefly talking about his fame and experience performing with Taylor Swift, Colbert asked Sivan about his part in the upcoming drama film, which follows the main characters' experiences in a gay conversion therapy camp, and what it was like to do research for such a controversial topic.

"When we arrived on set day one, they gave us the resources kids would typically get when they arrived at the camp, like actual printed out resources," Sivan told the host. The packets given to the cast were full of testimonials and rules, including limited body contact, girls being required to carry around handbags and wear skirts, boys not being able to wear tight fitting clothing.

The "Bloom" singer went on to add that although his experiences were had through the safety of the film, he remembered the feelings of relief he had with his own coming out story, the self acceptance he felt, and how that compared to people who were sent to these camps and told "No this is not you, you weren't born like this. This is a God-shaped hole you are trying to fill with these homosexual tendencies."

Sivan poignantly expressed, "Imagine being 15 again when I was sort of at my most vulnerable and having that put back on me, and being set up with that impossible task of trying to change this thing that ultimately unchangeable, it's just one of the most damaging things I can imagine." He went on to express his hopes that the film would speak to parents and make them understand that their reaction to their child's coming out can "really shape their lives."

After the interview, Sivan closed out the show with a sweet and energetic performance of his song "Plum" off of his latest album Bloom. The singer's voice pairs well with the track's gentle synth's as he sings about realizing that the relationship with his lover who is asleep in bed isn't going to work out.

Check out Troye Sivan's full interview and performance of "Plum" below.