BRAVES Release Charity Single 'World's on Fire' With Nikki Reed: Listen

Louis Rodiger


Art pop outfit BRAVES has teamed up with actress-singer Nikki Reed to release the track “World’s on Fire” in response to the latest rash of wildfires that have ravaged California. Due to being residents of the state, the persistent fires have affected both Reed and the group, which is comprised of producer Johnny What, JERICHO and Thorald of the Wood.

“Our world’s on fire — the blaze raging in Yosemite, global warming’s rapidly approaching point of no return, incendiary human rights violations and much, much more. It’s time we stop waiting for someone else to do something," BRAVES says in a statement. "It’s time to eat less meat and packaged foods, drive less and walk more, avoid single-use plastics, vote for representatives who share these values and encourage your friends and family to do the same.

“We wrote this song as a reminder to humanity that Mother Earth is our only home, and we need to take better care of her," they continue. "Please share this song and use it as a way to talk with people in your life about what we can do to save our planet. All Bandcamp proceeds will go to American Red Cross’ Wildfire Relief.”

The donations will benefit the fund for two years. “World’s on Fire,” which debuted on Aug. 17, can also be heard via Spotify.

In her own statement, Reed notes, “This song was written from a place of truth, compassion and personal experience. All of us involved in the creation of this song live in California and have witnessed firsthand the heartbreak and devastation caused by our growing natural disasters. More than anything, it’s a plea, a request for us to come together as a global community to acknowledge the reality of climate change. Our world is literally on fire.”

BRAVES met Reed through Maverick chief impact officer Molly DeWolf Swenson at the Near Future Summit. “The chemistry was palpable, and we decided to make a record with Nikki,” says What. “It turned out great, and we are in the process of putting together a release strategy.”

BRAVES is also slated to release a series of songs including Reed, Noelle Scaggs from Fitz & The Tantrums and Walk the Moon. BRAVES’ next single, "Busy," will arrive Sept. 20. BRAVES are also shooting the video for their latest single, "Favourite Sweater," which will star Reed.