Lana Del Rey Says Her Decision to Perform in Israel Is 'Not a Political Statement'

Chelsea Lauren/REX/Shutterstock
Lana Del Rey performs during KROQ Weenie Roast y Fiesta on May 20, 2017. 

Lana Del Rey will be performing in Israel next month at the inaugural Meteor Festival and has addressed her decision in a lengthy note posted to Twitter Sunday (Aug. 19). 

The music fest -- with A$AP Ferg, Pusha T, Flying Lotus, Ariel Pink and more among the international artists on the lineup -- takes place in the Upper Galilee's Pecan Park from Sept. 6 to 8, with Del Rey taking the stage on Sept. 7.

Many artists have chosen not to schedule concerts in Israel in cultural boycott, opposing the country's occupation of Palestine. Del Rey, who has apparently faced backlash over choosing to bring her live show there, expressed her opinion that singing in Israel has nothing to do with politics.

"I understand many of u are upset that we're going to Tel Aviv for the Meteor festival," the singer wrote. "I understand your concern I really get do. What I can tell you is I believe music is universal and should be used to bring us together. We signed on to the show w the intention that it would be performed for the kids there and my plan was for it to be done w a loving energy w a thematic emphasis on peace."

She continued: "If you don't agree with it I get it. I see both sides. But me and my band have been performing all over the world for months out of the years for close to 10 years now together. And we're about to travel to a place that many big bands are playing this year and at this festival. We don't always agree with the politics of the places we play within or even in our own country- sometimes we don't even feel safe, depending on how far abroad we travel- but we are musicians and we've dedicated our lives to being on the road. So in closing although I have deep sentiments over what is true or not true, right or wrong- I would like to remind you that performing in Tel Aviv is not a political statement or a commitment to the politics there just as singing here in California doesn't mean my views are in alignment w my current governments opinions or sometimes inhuman actions."

"Or that I condone my own president who openly mocks disabled people at rallies (I'm not in anyway likening the gravity of certain travesties that have occurred in Israel to the current hardships we're facing here)," Del Ray added. "I'm just stating that I'm a simple singer, I'm doing my best to navigate the waters of the constant tumultuous hardships in war-torn countries all over the world that I travel through monthly. For the record I'm doing the best I can and my intentions are better than most peoples that I know."

See her full note in the tweets below.