Stevie Nicks Interviews Paris Jackson About Musical Identity & More for 'CR Fashion Book'

Issue 13 of Carine Roitfeld's CR Fashion Book will hit newsstands Sept. 13, featuring an interview with Paris Jackson conducted by her idol, Stevie Nicks.

The legend and young protégé speak about the perils of social media, the power of folk and the necessity of finding one’s place in the industry.

On her use of social media, Jackson admits, “Honestly, the less I use my social media, the happier I am, and I’ve been using it less and less, but when I do use it I make sure to keep it very real and honest and true to myself." 

She reveals that current projects include a movie about the '90s rock and roll scene on the Sunset Strip, modeling and making new music with her band, the Soundflowers. "I am in a band now and we are working on our record. We thought we had enough material for an EP or an LP, but it turns out we have enough material for an album, so I think we are going to get that done by fall.”    

Some of the inspiration behind the upcoming music has blossomed from a creative collaboration with her boyfriend, Gabriel. She tells Nicks, "Before he became my boyfriend, we had this crazy connection. I’ve never made music with another person the way I’ve made it with him, I’ve never been able to sing the way I do with him, and he feels the same way.   

"Our creations just flow and they’re so organic," she says. "It doesn’t feel like it’s human. It feels so beyond the English language to describe. I’ve never given myself the space to make music but when I met Gabriel I didn’t really have a choice. I had to face the fact that I was born to be a musician and music is the only thing that makes me feel the way that it does." 

In celebration of the superstitious issue number 13, Jackson channels the spirit of Stevie Nicks in a fashion spread shot by Mario Sorrenti. CR Fashion Book Issue 13 hits news stands Sept. 13.

Courtesy of CR Fashion Book