Ariana Grande and Her Mom Have Adorable Exchange On Twitter About Her 'Titanic' Spoof

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Ariana Grande and James CordenĀ "Titanic" spoof on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Ariana Grande's mom loves her daughter's spoof of the Titanic soundtrack with James Corden just as much as everyone else. 

Joan Grande first took to Twitter to ask The Late Late Show host and her daughter for help, because she has apparently watched the video too many times. "Dear @JKCorden. & my darling daughter @arianagrande PLEASE HELP," Grande's mom wrote. "I cannot even tell you how many times I have watched this...,... damn... it IS GREAT!!!!!"

The singer replied to the sweet sentiment with an equally heartwarming compliment. "You’re the cutest woman on the planet are u serious like ...... mom," she wrote.

The Aug. 13 clip features Grande and Corden singing a melody of thirteen tracks in front of nine Titanic-themed sets. Each song represents an iconic moment in James Cameron's classic film.

Check out the tweets and The Late Late Show clip below.