5 Seconds of Summer Release Japanese-Rockabilly 'Youngblood' Video: Watch

5 Seconds of Summer Youngblood
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5 Seconds Of Summer, "Youngblood"

5 Seconds of Summer’s newest video for “Youngblood” unveiled today (Aug. 2) tells a passionate story about everlasting love, while also diving into the vibrant rock and roll rebel subculture in Tokyo, Japan.

The visual opens with an elderly couple holding hands, preparing to face their final hours. After taking a green pill, they’re flashed back to their youth -- now encompassed by leather jackets, tight black pants, slicked back hair and vintage polka-dot dresses. Throughout the flashback, a watch is currently counting down the minutes until reality catches up with the young couple.

“The Japanese Rockabilly culture is that of a renaissance and a beautiful flare of passion for everything old and new and that makes this particular subculture so interesting and amazing to us,” said 5SOS vocalist and drummer Ashton Irwin in the band's press release. “Thank you for allowing us to be explorative with the concepts we choose to visually express our songs to you. Thank you to everyone that brought this video to life.”

Directed by Frank Borin, the new video was inspired by a trip Borin took ten years prior in Japan, when he ventured through Yoyogi park and stumbled upon on a huge group of Japanese rockabilly guys and girls. He added: "The band were really into the idea of highlighting the rockabilly crew and we hung out with them for a couple days. They took us around Tokyo and gave us a peak into their world which really lent itself to the spirit of the song and ultimately became the video."

5SOS Guitarist Michael Clifford, who is currently in Japan with his bandmates for the Meet You There Tour, tweeted that fans should watch the new video with an open mind.

Watch the new video for “Youngblood” below.