Dr. Miami & Adam Barta Team Up With MariahLynn & Reina for 'Peep Me Tonight'

Dr. Miami
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Dr. Miami

Reality TV, plastic surgery, hip-hop and dance music collide with the release of "Peep Me Tonight" on Tuesday (July 31), the new collaboration between plastic surgeon/social media star Dr. Miami (of WE tv's Dr. Miami) and singer Adam Barta, featuring dance artist Reina and rapper/Love & Hip-Hop: New York star MariahLynn.

A follow-up to Dr. Miami & Adam Barta's "Flawless," "Peep Me Tonight" traces back to – what else in the 21st century – social media.

"I met MariahLynn when she came to visit Miami a couple of years ago. I invited her to be a guest on my SnapChat and interview on my Facebook live," Dr. Miami explains. "We started chatting and she mentioned that she was considering plastic surgery. I gave her consultation and we talked about her music. Fast-forward a year and she had her breast augmentation. When Adam Barta told me about doing a follow-up to our song 'Flawless' I said we have to have MariahLynn feature. She was totally cool with it. She went into the studio and spit fire -- I told Adam “She totally completes the song.'"

"So amazing to work with an artist the caliber of MariahLynn on this track," Barta says. "She really delivered the fire and when Dr. Miami said she'd be willing to do the feature, I knew we would have an instant hit. Who knew a plastic surgeon, a famous rapper, a dance music chart topper (Reina) and myself would ever come together to make such a banger?"

"Peep Me Tonight," produced by Electropoint, is out on Waverly | Grace Records. Check it out above. 

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