One Direction's 8 Best Music Videos

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One Direction, "What Makes You Beautiful"

The One Direction guys celebrated the eighth anniversary of the band Monday (July 23). To commemorate, the group tweeted lyrics from classic hits like "What Makes You Beautiful" and "Best Song Ever," encouraging fans to share their favorite 1D lines.

While plenty of songs were celebrated on the anniversary, one thing that was slightly overlooked was their incredible video catalog. On top of their often evocative and clever lyrics, One Direction created some extremely memorable videos during their five-year run. Whether they're staring into the camera and making Directioners swoon or being complete goofballs, 1D made sure every second of their videos counted.

In honor of Billboard's inaugural Music Video Week -- which coincidentally coincides with the #8YearsofOneDirection -- we're recognizing the video magic of One Direction with the group's 8 best clips.

8. "Little Things"

The tenderness of the guys' voices and sweet lyrics of the song are enough to hit you in the feels. But when you watch them sing it in black and white, by themselves in a studio where they're swapping between playing instruments and staring into your soul? Too much... in the best way.

7. "What Makes You Beautiful"

The ultimate classic in 1D's repertoire, the video is almost as timeless as the track itself. While the concept is actually rather simple -- the guys are singing on a beach, palling around in the water and flirting with some pretty ladies on the sand -- the simplicity is what makes it so great, reminding the world that One Direction doesn't need to do much to win people over.

6. "Night Changes"

"Night Changes" sees each 1D guy in a different date setting, making viewers feel like they're at dinner with Zayn, an amusement park with Liam, skating with Harry, playing games by a fire with Niall, and cruising around with Louis. Though each of the "dates" take an awkward turn, the video is likely pretty similar to a dream most Directioners have had at some point.

5. "Steal My Girl"

Sumo wrestlers, a chimpanzee, tribal dancers, a marching band, mimes, baton twirlers, Danny DeVito... what do all of these things have in common? The "Steal My Girl" video. Don't understand it? We don't either (not sure 1D even does), but the guys look like they're having the time of their life, and the randomness creates greatness.

4. "History"

"History" spans One Direction's entire career from their fateful X Factor judgment call from Simon Cowell to their last show (as a foursome) in 2015. It's quite possibly the best trip down memory lane any 1D fan could ask for, but it'll certainly hit you where it hurts until the guys reunite, if ever. Here's to holding out hope for that reunion, but for now grab the tissues and watch this. 

3. "Story of My Life"

Arguably the coolest concept of all of One Direction's videos: The guys took the title of the song literally and shared childhood photos in a darkroom, eventually recreating them with family members (and on-point outfits) almost to a T. "Story of My Life" is a neat look into the lives of 1D, but also makes you think through the story of your life -- now that's a powerful video.

2. "Kiss You"

"Kiss You" is pure fun from start to finish, with the guys taking full advantage of green screens that put them on an open road, a ski hill and ocean waves. Even when they're playing Elvis-style jailbirds, the guys are clearly having a blast goofing off with each other smiling, laughing and even mocking some of their attributes (we see you, Harry's double nipples). Whether you're a die-hard Directioner or not, it's almost impossible to watch this video and not at least crack a smile.

1. "Best Song Ever"

Before the wackiness that was "Steal My Girl" and just after the silliness of "Kiss You," One Direction made it very clear that they don't take themselves too seriously (and their acting skills are pretty great) with "Best Song Ever." The video opens in a Hollywood office, with Louis and Niall donning fat suits and facial hair, Zayn dressed a woman, Harry acting as a serious nerd and Liam playing a flamboyant choreographer. All the while, the real versions of themselves interact in disbelief -- and the song hasn't even begun.

Once the track does kick in, the boys wreak havoc on the office, turning the movie pitch meeting into a full-on dance party. "Best Song Ever" presents a hilarious visual storyline for one of 1D's most anthemic songs, making it the most fun song and video combo in the entire One Direction catalog. If you have a song called "Best Song Ever," you have to match it with the best video ever, right?