Tiffany Young Starts Fresh With 'Over My Skin' Single: Listen

Tiffany Young
Transparent Agency

Tiffany Young

K-pop star Tiffany Young is ready for a new beginning with her new single “Over My Skin,” released Thursday (June 28).

A '90s-inspired pop track with funky brass and R&B leanings, it is the singer’s first release since she moved back to her hometown of Los Angeles after living in South Korea for over a decade as a member of Girls’ Generation, one of the country’s most prominent pop acts. Overflowing with confidence as she belts about her desires and “owning what’s mine,” it is a new, empowering look for Young, and radically different from 2016’s “I Just Wanna Dance.”

After leaving her Korean music label SM Entertainment last year, Young began working with the Stateside Transparent agency, which is headed by Far East Movement and Jon Yip of The Stereotypes. For her U.S. career, the artist, born Stephanie Hwang, opted to keep the stage name she picked up in Korea -- when she signed with SM, there was another girl group with a member named Stephanie -- and add the “Young” from her Korean name “Mi-Young,” which she said is written using the Chinese character that means “forever.”

A music video for “Over My Skin” is in the works, but at the moment, the song is only available on digital music platforms. including Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes.

Listen to it here: