Janelle Kroll Stands Up For Relationships and the World on 'Walk With You': Listen

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Courtesy of Apple Music
Janelle Kroll, "Walk With You"

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Janelle Kroll is making a striking statement on her latest single “Walk With You,” and she’s chosen one of the biggest platforms to introduce it.

In an Apple Music exclusive video premiere for the track, a fateful CGI love story simultaneously depicts the devastation caused by climate change. Kroll skillfully navigates the delicate balance between the song’s broader theme and a straightforward ballad with an impassioned delivery that only raises the stakes as the layers begin to unfold.

“‘Walk With You’ is an embodiment of unconditional love, employing magical realism to explore what seemingly impossible lengths the human heart can travel,” Kroll tells Billboard. “In a world where sea levels and global temperatures are rising, this video poses the question, ‘What if we thought about the planet as we would the love of our life?’”

The video leaves no ambiguity to the dire situation facing the humans in peril, but it does offer a sense of redemption that doubles as a parting call to action.

The production was part of a larger effort with several forces at work. The song’s inspiring message of advocacy lent itself well to a partnership with the environmental non-profit The Nature Conservancy, which set up a donation link for the track’s release that can be found here.

“Walk With You” also marks the debut of CTRL5, a newly-minted studio led by Owen Brown (creative director for A Great Big World), which spearheaded the highly technical production that was shot, animated and wrapped in an unprecedented two months. The seemingly insurmountable logistics of the shoot were alleviated by the joint directorial team comprised of Kroll, Brown, David Ariew and Laura Wass.

“Everyone told us this video would be impossible to make with the resources we had because of the emerging tech involved in the project,” Brown tells Billboard. “But we found a way to make the impossible possible.”

With a message that confronts a Herculean task and a video that seems to have defied the odds, “Walk With You” serves as a testament to the remarkable accomplishments that can be achieved when a collective dedicates itself to one goal.

The video can be seen in full exclusively on Apple Music here, while the single is available on all music platforms now.

Check out “Walk With You” on Billboard below.