Kylie Minogue Performs Unreleased Dance Jam 'New York City,' Covers 'Islands In the Stream' at Stunning Gig

Kylie Minogue
Dana Distortion

Kylie Minogue onstage at Bowery Ballroom on June 25, 2018 in New York. 

Playing to a rapturous New York City crowd that greeted her with a loving roar of sound, Kylie Minogue reciprocated the very vocal adoration from her fans by treating them to a previously unheard song -- and an unplanned second encore -- at her Monday (June 25) night concert.

"I'm going to do something I've basically never done before – play a demo for you," Minogue told the crowd. "We write so many songs [in the process of making an album]. I don't even know how many songs were written in the process of making Golden, but a stack. [Some songs] don't make it, and you hold on and you're attached for one reason or another. This particular one didn't fit the framework of the album."

Entitled, appropriately enough, "New York City," it was clear within seconds why Kylie left it off the Nashville-tinged 2018 album: It's a funky, disco-meets-freestyle strutter that sounds straight out of an early '80s Manhattan club, complete with a cheeky rapped portion with flavors of Blondie's "Rapture." It's a shame this song didn't make the album, though – the crowd was already singing along halfway through, and when the concert finally wrapped, "New York City" was the song most people were singing on their way out – despite having heard it for the first time just an hour prior.

Of course, it helped that the crowd got it twice. Minogue was met with such a deafening wall of sound after her first encore, that she stayed on for an unrehearsed second one, singing "Your Disco Needs You" a cappella (at first – the band joined in soon enough) from 2000's Light Years and reprising "New York City" for a second time following its live debut earlier that night.

Naturally, Fever fave "Love at First Sight" was met with ecstatic dancing and fans crooned along with a stripped down version of "All the Lovers," but the crowd at Bowery Ballroom – a much smaller venue than Minogue could've sold out in New York City – lapped up every song she was serving, whether it was a golden oldie or a Golden newbie. People sang along to every line on new numbers like "Raining Glitter," "Dancing" and "Stop Me From Falling," having clearly welcomed the new songs into their hearts.

The evening's other unexpected pleasure was when Kylie duetted with one of her backing band members, Big Luke, on "Islands In the Stream." Playing New York City Pride the previous night (June 24), she dusted off Dolly Parton's "9 to 5," and for the Bowery crowd, she played Dolly to Big Luke's Kenny Rogers, demonstrating the range and depth in her vocals that often goes underappreciated.

Country Kylie might not be here to stay, but on Monday night, standing in front of a giant light bulb-laden 'K' that looked straight out of Grand Ole Opry or That's Entertainment!, Minogue demonstrated that her distinctive but malleable dance-pop can fit into nearly any framework – and wherever she goes, a coterie of devoted fans will joyously follow.

Dana Distortion
Kylie Minogue onstage at Bowery Ballroom on June 25, 2018 in New York.