The 8 Most Evocative Lyrics on 5 Seconds of Summer's 'Youngblood' Album

5 Seconds of Summer
Alexandra Gavillet

5 Seconds of Summer

5 Seconds of Summer returned with their first album in three years on Friday (June 15), Youngblood, a 16-track LP that shows growth in both the band's pop-rock sound and their songwriting. This was immediately apparent when the guys released their heart-rending lead single "Want You Back," but that is certainly not the only Youngblood track that hits you right in the feels.

While the 5SOS guys aren't all about heartbreak on their third album, there are a handful of songs that make it very clear that a breakup influenced a lot of the lyrics on Youngblood. Check out some of the most evocative lyrics below.


Lately our conversations
End like it's the last goodbye
Then one of us gets too drunk
And calls about a hundred times

"Want You Back"

'Cause you know every morning I wake up
Yeah I still reach for you
I remember the roses on your shirt
When you told me this would never work

"Lie to Me"

While I'm cleaning up your mess
I know he's taking off your dress
And I know that you don’t, but if I ask you if you love me
I hope you lie, lie, lie, lie to me

"Moving Along"

I know I’m the stupid one who ended it
And now I'm the stupid one regretting it
It took me a couple drinks to admit it


If me and you are living in the same place
Why do we feel alone? Feel alone?
A house that's full of everything we wanted
But it's an empty home, empty home

"Why Won't You Love Me"

Few drinks deep at a table for one
The place we like to go and you take yourself home again

"Ghost of You"

Here I am waking up, still can't sleep on your side
There's your coffee cup, the lipstick stain fades with time


I'm tired of the feud, your short fuse, my half-truths are not amused
I wish we had a clue to start new, a white moon, no residue