Loote & Joe Jonas Team Up on Adrenaline-Pumping Heartbreak Jam 'Longer Than I Thought': Listen

Meredith Truax


Loote have unveiled their latest fist-pumping single "Longer Than I Thought," featuring the vocals of Joe Jonas. The producer duo, comprised of Emma Lov and Jackson Foote, return with a poignant ode to heartbreak and its lingering pain. The release precedes Loote's performance at the Billboard Hot 100 Fest this August.

"'Longer Than I Thought' was written right around my second year in New York City, after college," Foote explained in a statement. "Everything in my life was moving forward except for getting over my prior relationship. I thought a new chapter of my life and starting in a new place was going to change that, but the reality was we were still intertwined. Sometimes the strategy of “let enough time pass until we forget how close we used to be” doesn't bode well for closure and this song is my way of coping with it.”

The dance tune is perfectly fit for a windows-down summer drive, although the lyrics paint a realistic picture of events that many experience first-hand. "Looking in the rear view, I still see you," Jonas mourns over the steady EDM-centered beat.

"Longer Than I Thought" will be heard on Loote's debut EP, single., slated for release June 15. Catch them on tour with K-popper Eric Nam this summer.

Listen to "Longer Than I Thought" below.

Loote are set to play the Billboard Hot 100 Fest, returning August 18 & 19 at the Jones Beach Theater in Long Island, New York. Ticket information here.