Lily Allen Shuts Down Troll by Retweeting Her Private Parts: '3 Humans Came Out of There'

Lily Allen
Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images for WBR

Lily Allen performs at El Rey Theatre on April 25, 2018 in Los Angeles.

In the spirit of her upcoming fourth studio album, Lily Allen retweeted a photo of her private parts after a Twitter user shared it in attempt to shame her -- but it was Allen who got the last laugh.

The photo was originally captured in 2014 by paparazzi, but the troll tweeted it to Allen in January and stated that it would be on the internet forever. Allen responded to the poster with an unabashed caption about giving birth three times. “LOOK AT MY 2014 NEATLY TRIMMED VAGINA, 3 HUMANS CAME OUT OF THERE,” she tweeted, followed by her album name and its release date of June 8, which happens to double as the phrase #NoShame.

After another rude troll commented on the original post, Allen cleverly replied again with a direct link to pre-order No Shame, proving she can make good out of an unfair situation.