Mariah Carey Reacts to Fans Covering Her Songs on YouTube: Watch

With all the Mariah Carey tributes that make their way onto YouTube, it's likely that few of the artists -- if any -- expect Carey herself to witness their efforts. But a handful of lucky budding singers did have their covers shown to the original artist, as they put their own twists on hits including "Hero," "Touch My Body" and "We Belong Together."

"It's a good feeling as a songwriter to see how many different ways people can interpret these songs," Carey said in a new video for the "You Sang My Song" Series on Glamour Magazine's YouTube channel.

The cover artists then got to watch Carey's reaction, all in shock that the hitmaker had heard their personal reimaginations. 

"I think it was really nice how they were harmonizing and did a stripped down acoustic version," Carey told two women who turned "Always Be My Baby" into a soothing duet. "Your voices sounded so beautiful in tandem with each other."

Carey told another fan: "I'ma have to get me a copy of this...I really loved the interpretation that you did. I want to watch it again."

Most surprising of all to Carey was a violinist who performed a flawless rendition of "Touch My Body."

"Never when I was writing this song did I sit there and say, 'Oh, one day someone's gonna do an instrumental version of this on the violin,'" Carey gushed.

From men to women to children all across the globe, Carey got to witness a vast variety of fans who each added their unique influences. She mentioned that it was a "nice feeling as a songwriter" to listen to people's personal interpretatinos.

"There is something special about it, especially when you see such a wide range of people doing the song," she said.

Watch Carey's reactions -- and heartfelt responses from excited fans -- below.