Adam Lambert Talks New Music, Touring With Queen: I'm 'Somebody Who Wants to Express Himself'

Adam Lambert
Courtesy of Rogers & Cowan

Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert has opened up about his highly-anticipated fourth LP in a new interview. “Obviously, Queen really inspired me,” he told Attitude magazine of the legendary band he’s fronted since 2009. “I don’t think this album is genre-specific. I think there are a lot of different influences on it," Lambert added. "There’s rock, there’s FUNK, there’s soul, there’s disco, Seventies singer-songwriter pop and some Eighties flavours, too. That being said, there are a lot of modern influences as well, so it’s sort of a fusion."

The singer was also asked to comment on Freddie Mercury being closeted. “I don’t know how ‘in the closet’ Freddie actually was,” the former American Idol contestant replied. “There were interviews where they were asking if he was gay and he was like, ‘Yeah as a daffodil…gay as a daffodil.”

Lambert commented on his own experience when it comes to being out in the entertainment industry as well. "It has never been: 'These are the rules.' It’s more about the struggle and the stress of what will and will not connect, and that has changed since I started out: As a pop artist you want people to relate to you and then at some point I had to just balance all of that out with who I actually am, as an artist, as somebody who wants to express himself.”

Lambert and Queen are in the midst of a European tour, and will take the stage in Vegas in September for a handful of residency dates.