Taylor Swift Congratulates Her Cats on Their 'Deadpool 2' Cameo: Watch

Ryan Reynolds' impeccable portrayal of unlikely superhero Wade Wilson was on a lengthy list of highlights from Deadpool 2, but Taylor Swift has called attention to one cute cameo that might've flown under viewers' radar.

The "Look What You Made Me Do" singer posted a screenshot from Marvel's latest sequel, in which Reynolds is sporting a graphic T-shirt that pays tribute to a pair of famed felines. Olivia and Meredith belong to none other than Swift, and as the proud cat mom she is, she took to Instagram Stories to ask her "fuzzy daughters" how they feel about their big screen debut.

"Meredith, I wanted to tell you something," Swift broke the news. "Deadpool 2 -- they put you and your sister on a shirt in the movie." She interpreted Meredith's rumbling purr as a sign that the gray tabby was immensely proud of her cameo. We're rolling with it.

In the next clip, Swift pulls for Olivia's two cents: "How do you feel about the shirt? The world is dying to know." Olivia, on the other hand, evidently didn't have much to say, keeping silent until finally walking away (maybe superstardom has gone to her head already).

Deadpool 2 isn't the first time Reynolds and Swift have given nods to each other's children -- human or otherwise -- through their work. A baby's voice can be heard at the beginning of Swift's Reputation single, "Gorgeous," adorably speaking the song's title. The album's booklet confirms Reynolds' two-year-old daughter, James, lent the contribution.

Watch Swift congratulate Meredith and Olivia below.