Why BTS ARMY Are Especially Excited About 'Airplane Pt. 2' From New Album: Listen

Fans of Korean group BTS are lighting up social media with excitement over a Love Yourself: Tear track that’s a sequel to a previously released song.

“Airplane Pt. 2,” a follow-up to J-Hope’s solo “Airplane” from the March mixtape Hope World, is a celebration of the group’s international success. The Latin pop-inspired track begins with verses reflecting on an artist’s desire to succeed, and then flashes-forward a few years to relay how BTS is living nowadays, acting as traveling musicians, like mariachis, living out of hotel rooms.

BTS’ label Big Hit Entertainment has released guides to a fanchant for “Airplane Pt. 2,” confirming that the act will be performing the song live in upcoming televised performances.

Upon its release, and the discovery that “Airplane Pt. 2” was indeed a follow-up to J-Hope’s track, BTS’ ARMY shared how they felt about the song.  

Listen to “Airplane Pt. 2” below.