Backstreet Boys Might Release Two Albums This Year: 'Never Count The Backstreet Boys Out'

As The Backstreet Boys get ready to give fans a follow-up to 2014’s In A World Like This, the boys said listeners might get way more than they bargained for.

After releasing a new single today (May 18) titled “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,” the boy band said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that “fans might get two albums this year.” Comparing their latest single to a “mash-up of The Weeknd and the Bee Gees,” Brian Littrell said to the fans “you’re going to get a brand new 10th album with all new material, then you might get a few surprises on another album, who knows? Never count The Backstreet Boys out.”

While Littrell didn't give any more information on the mystery second album, the group definitely plans to return to Las Vegas in July to resume their residency at Planet Hollywood, then they said they’re hitting the road in 2019. “This tour will commemorate 25 years together," A.J. McLean said. “Obviously we’re going to do the hits and then some stuff from our new album. We’re going to try to knock it out of the park.”

Read the full EW interview here.