Felicity Soars With New 'Pilot With a Fear of Heights' Single: Exclusive Premiere

Katia Temkin


Australian-born, South African-raised singer-songwriter Felicity is taking off quickly with her irresistible debut single “Pilot With a Fear of Heights.”

“‘Pilot with a Fear of Heights' is a song I wrote from a timid place,” the singer tells Billboard. “I wanted so badly not to want this person, but ultimately being with him was my destiny,"

The New York-based songwriter ingeniously weaves a metaphor together that relates the feeling of falling hard for someone with being the one in control who can’t help but succumb to the unknown. The song, which she fittingly came up with on a plane, follows the emotional flow of its uneasy subject with a subdued, atmospheric intro that rises to a chorus that hits “like a jolt of unexpected turbulence in your ears.”

The song reaches its anthemic heights with help from producer Brian Kierulf, who has worked with pop superstars such as Lady Gaga and Britney Spears and ably guides the track to hit high and hard. With a debut so strong, the sky is the limit for Felicity.