P!nk Hands 12 -Year-Old Superfan the Mic at Her Concert & Is Blown Away: Watch

Michael Zorn/Invision/AP

Pink performs at The Armory on Feb. 2, 2018, in Minneapolis.

Many people can only dream of the chance to sing their favorite artist's song right in their presence. For 12-year-old Victoria Anthony, that dream came true at Pink's concert in Vancouver on Saturday (May 12).

Back on May 1, Anthony shared a video of herself on Twitter directed to the "Beautiful Trauma" singer: "when you come here, I really want to sing at your concert," she wrote. Anthony then gave a few examples of her incredible singing voice, including the hashtag #vicandpink in the caption to help gain traction and -- hopefully -- the attention of her idol.

After being picked up by Canadian news outlets, Pink recognized the young pop star in the making in the crowd at the show. While Anthony didn't get to go on stage, Pink did hand her the mic -- and was instantly floored.

Anthony belted out a flawless solo version of Pink's hit "Perfect," drawing a roaring applause from the crowd and a stunned response from the singer. Judging by her reaction, it's safe to assume Pink thought Anthony was pretty "perfect" herself.

"Thank you for that," the still-amazed Pink said after returning onstage. "How do you follow that?"

Watch Anthony give Pink a run for her money below, and see the video she tweeted that made it all happen.