Dagny Finds the Visuals to Fit 'That Feeling When' in Gorgeous New Video: Exclusive Premiere

Courtesy of Republic Records

Norwegian singer and pop artist Dagny is pairing unforgettable images with a popular Twitter hashtag in the video for “That Feeling When,” her first single of 2018 via Republic Records.

The video was shot in the singer’s hometown of Tromsø in northern Norway and alternates between shots of a live performance from her headlining tour in early 2018 and a breathtaking mountain vista. It’s a stark contrast to her brighter offerings that reflects her shift from her pop-oriented music to “a more melancholic, epic and atmospheric sound.”

She tells Billboard, “I wanted the video to be different than my previous videos; more raw, like the nature of Northern Norway, and also like the song."

The song also signals a change in tone with the singer displaying a new sense of vulnerability. Although the idea came to her from the trending hashtag #ThatFeelingWhen, it provided Dagny with the motivation to do some personal reflection on the positive and negative aspects of romance. The artfully directed video captures that delicate balance with its intense close-ups of a stoic Dagny along with shots of the snow-capped mountaintops serving as the perfect visual cue to a transcendent chorus.

“That Feeling When” hints at an exciting new phase for Dagny as she proves that she’s only just starting to reach her peak.

Check out the video for Dagny’s new single “That Feeling When” below.