Great Good Fine Ok Wouldn't 'Change' a Thing on New Single: Exclusive Premiere

Elliot Liss
Great Good Fine OKĀ 

It’s been a whirlwind stretch for rising Brooklyn pop duo Great Good Fine Ok, but they’re still hoping to keep some things the same on their latest single “Change,” available exclusively via Billboard.

“‘Change’ is about falling in love with the way someone is at a specific moment in time, and hoping that they won’t ever change,” the band tells Billboard. “There is nothing worse than the fear of falling in love with a version of someone that won’t last.”

Although the dread of a new relationship moving on before it's had time to get rooted is an underlying theme, the synth-pop sonics suggest a more seamless shift. The song maintains the group’s earnest vocals and dynamic instrumentation while straddling a funky beat and deep bass line that stirs up the feeling of shaking off the old and starting fresh.

“We all experience changing our minds, but maybe the heart knows exactly what it wants all along and we just have to let it win,” the group maintains.

With a solidified clarity of purpose, the group shows it knows exactly what it wants and what we need.

Check out “Change” by Great Good Fine Ok exclusively on Billboard below.