Watch Kim Petras Live Her Fragile Disney Princess Fantasy in New Video For 'Heart to Break'

Courtesy Photo
Kim Petras, "Heart to Break"

Up-and-coming pop princess Kim Petras knows that heartbreak is coming from just around the corner, but she’s still willing to give love a try. The German singer released a new video for her song “Heart to Break,” her most recent single.

The video, directed by Nick Harwood, shows Petras leaning out of the high window of a crystal-shaped tower, surrounded by furniture and accoutrements covered in bubble wrap with “fragile” warnings plastered on. After texting a boy she likes and getting fashion advice from a friend, the star runs through the halls of her crystallized castle, only to be found by her suitor. After a brief dance break and a sequence in which the star turns to glass and shatters before our eyes, the two finally kiss.

In an interview with Billboard about the track in February, Petras said that she wanted to make a love song about accepting your own foolishness in starting a relationship. “When I hear heartbreak songs I always feel like, ‘O.K. that’s exactly how I feel...I’m not the only person who fell in love like a stupid person,’” she said. “I love songs like that; they just make me feel like I’m not alone. So I hope that it does that for somebody, but also I hope people can get really drunk and sing along and party.”

Watch the full video for “Heart to Break” below: