Cyn Returns With Pulsing New Track 'Believer': Exclusive Premiere

Lauren Naylor


Cyn wrote the catchy song after experiencing a breakup.

Katy Perry signee Cyn, née Cynthia Nabozny, is back with “Believer,” an infectious slice of pop goodness. “The song ultimately represents the struggle of believing in a love that could last after experiencing one with a surprise ending,” Cyn tells Billboard. You can get an exclusive first listen here.

While the track is upbeat, the lyrics themselves are melancholy. “I think hearing someone sing, ‘Tthere must be something in the air that I'm not breathing...I am just a jaded girl...I feel unloveable,’ because of a love gone wrong is actually quite heartbreaking,” Cyn says.

But she’s optimistic about wanting a listener to keep the faith: “I would love for a fan to take away the comfort in knowing that falling out of love can be a normal experience and that questioning our ability to love and accept love is something everyone goes through.” Listen to "Believer" below.

Check out the rest of our Q&A with Cyn:

Can we expect a video for "Believer"?


Any other new tracks coming soon?

Definitely! I'm working on finishing a handful of songs and I'm looking forward to introducing more of the sound that is Cyn.

Who do you want to collaborate with?

I would love to collaborate with Pharrell! I'm going to put that out into the universe until it happens.

What's it like to work with Katy Perry and her team?

It's a dream -- I couldn't imagine a better situation for myself. Katy gives me great advice on songwriting, stage presence, being true to myself through my art and even things like friendships and maneuvering life in Hollywood.

Who do you want to tour with?

I’d love to tour with Florence + The Machine one day.

If someone hasn’t heard you before, what song should they listen to first?

I think "Alright" is a great first song to listen to!

What's something you've been passionate about lately outside of your work?

I love visiting gardens and museums. My Netflix queue reflects an array of programs revolving around architecture, royal bloodlines, and nature. I also spend a significant amount of time attempting to keep my closet organized and skin clear...I’m mediocre at both.

Anything else in the pipeline?

I'm working on finishing up a visual for “Believer” and plenty more songs. I’m also very excited to be on tour with Katy Perry in Mexico, and am really looking forward to playing Bonnaroo in June.