Ariana Grande's World Turns Upside Down in Futuristic 'No Tears Left To Cry' Video: Watch

Ariana Grande made her long-awaited return Friday (Apr. 20) with her latest single "No Tears Left to Cry," as well as a trippy video to accompany the disco-fueled track. For those who get dizzy easily: viewer discretion is advised.

When the singer is first spotted in the video spectacle directed by Dave Meyers (Kendrick Lamar, Camila Cabello), she appears to be leaning against a window-lined hallway, adorned with a voluminous gown, her platinum locks slicked back into a twisted ponytail. By the time the addictive, shuffling beat kicks in, the optical illusions commence as Grande then struts onto the ceiling. Laws of gravity are disregarded for the rest of the mind-bending experience.

Grande dances, floats and falls through the nighttime sky as she sings the insta-dance floor anthem, the background filled with sparkling skyscrapers sprouting from every direction. By the song's end, Grande sits in waterside grass as the sun rises. Spatially, things finally feel a bit normal, until the body of water is revealed to have a sharp right angle upward. 

Considering the cryptic upside-down theme used to promote the single, it's no wonder her stunning music video has us feeling like our feet can't touch the ground. Watch Grande's dazzling and dizzying "No Tears Left to Cry" video below.