Ryder Finds the Perfect Weekend Vibe with Latest Single 'Sade': Listen

Sean Kim

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Ryder has everything she needs to get the weekend started on her latest single "Sade," available everywhere today (April 13).

The track is an instant injection of pop perfection as the production by Ryder, Dave Berg and Rami Jrade bubbles to a blissfully buoyant chorus. The singer name-checks iconic English group Sade and rattles off a laundry list of indulgences all in the name of well-deserved R&R. 

“‘Sade’ is different than the songs I've released before it," the singer notes. "I'm constantly evolving as a creator and taking risks and I want my fans to know that so we can grow together... I want to try different things and keep people guessing."

Although she sounds every bit in her zone here, the prospect of Ryder continuing to push her own boundaries makes this versatile singer a constantly refreshing choice to soundtrack the summer. 

Check out Ryder's new single "Sade" below.