Shannon Shaw Debuts 'Broke My Own' Video From Forthcoming Solo Album: Exclusive

Shannon Shaw
Alysse Gafkjen

Shannon Shaw

Shannon Shaw, of the quartet Shannon and the Clams, is releasing her first solo project: a music video for her first single "Broke My Own" off her debut album Shannon in Nashville due on June 8. The California singer is opening up her world for everyone to see in this solidified record. This album may be a solo LP, but Shaw emphasizes the teamwork put into making such a personal work of art. Working with some of her biggest inspirations like The Black Keys' Dan Auerbach along with a team of old-school musicians associated with Elvis Presley and Aretha Franklin was challenging and crucial at the same time. "Songwriting with them was such a good exercise in self-esteem -- I had to remind myself I’m an artist, I’m a great songwriter, and I should be there," Shaw told Billboard.

Shannon in Nashville is cinematic, like something from a James Bond film, summertime-like, and '60s inspired, but Shaw offers a fresh new take. It's less punk than her work with Shannon and the Clams, or as she described it, more sophisticated. The album consists of 13 tracks -- six songs written by her while the remaining seven she co-wrote, all dealing with love and loss in some way.

The collection of songs showcases her vulnerability and self awareness as both an artist and person. For instance, "Broke My Own" is about wanting to break things off in a rebound relationship. "I was breaking my own heart by being a part of something that was destroying somebody. I feel like this is a metaphor for something that happens in so many books, cartoons, and movies growing up where there’s a little boy and a dog and for the greater good, the little boy has to make the dog go away," said Shaw. "The dog won’t go because he loves the little boy, so the little boy has to get mean in order to get the dog to actually leave." However, "Broke My Own" is still hopeful. Her favorite part of the song is the outro; she believes it's "like you're blasting off. You're going somewhere better."

The music video was inspired by Shelley Fabares' "My Prayer" music video and is a metaphor for how Shaw was feeling at the time -- detached. Shaw loved the video stylistically and the concept of being out of touch with your mind and body was something that resonated with her and connected the song and music video.

While Shaw is eager to see how people will react to this LP, she believes it would never have been possible if she hadn't been pushed by Auerbach: "He gave me the golden ticket. He gave me this opportunity that I probably wouldn’t have been brave enough [to take otherwise]," she said. Meanwhile, in a statement, Auerbach describes his experience working with Shaw: “I first heard her music at Shangri-La records in Memphis and I’ve been a huge fan of hers for a long time. It was a thrill to work with her on her solo debut. I think this record is gonna take a lot of people by surprise.”

Shaw assures that Shannon in Nashville is strictly a side solo project -- her work with Shannon and the Clams will continue on. "This is just like a fun adventure. I’m excited to get started," she said. "I’m excited to get going and see how it unfolds and I hope people love it."

Check out the music video for "Broke My Own" off her debut album Shannon in Nashville available for pre-order, as well as the tour dates below. 

Shannon Shaw Tour Dates:

March 29 -- Toronto, ON @ Danforth Music Hall 

March 30 -- Pittsburgh, PA @ Spirit

March 31 -- Cleveland, OH @ Agora Theater

April 01 -- Grand Rapids, MI @ The Pyramid Scheme

April 02 -- Chicago, IL @ Riviera Theatre

April 03 -- St. Paul, MN @ Palace Theatre

April 04 -- Kansas City, MO @ The Truman

April 05 -- Denver, CO @ Paramount Theatre? 

April 08 -- Reno, NV @  Holland Project

July 29 -- New York, NY @ Panorama Music and Arts Festival

October 12-14 -- Perris, CA @ Desert Daze