All of Shawn Mendes' Singles, Ranked: Critic's Take

Shawn Mendes is fulfilling pretty much every singer/songwriter's dream. He went from filming six-second covers on Vine to landing three top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100, and both of his studio albums have peaked at #1 on the Billboard 200 -- all before his 20th birthday.

Mendes announced that his third album is on the way, releasing his eighth single today (March 22), "In My Blood." The anthemic Kings of Leon-inspired track received an overwhelmingly positive response from the Mendes Army, who both gave Mendes support after hearing the emotional lyrics (i.e. "Help me, it's like the walls are caving in/ Sometimes I feel like giving up, no medicine is strong enough") and expressed their excitement for what's to come.

Now that we have the first sampling of Mendes' next chapter, how do all of his singles par against each other? Here's Billboard's ranking of all of Shawn Mendes' singles to date.

8. "Life of the Party"

Before you get too upset -- just because Mendes' debut single is last on this list doesn't mean it's bad. Although this ballad is what shot the star to mainstream fame, it's a little vanilla in comparison to the tracks he's created since.

7. "I Know What You Did Last Summer" feat. Camila Cabello

While we love the harmonies resulting from Camila Cabello's feature on this track, it lyrically and musically just doesn't quite measure up to Mendes' other upbeat and heartfelt singles.

6. "Something Big"

Chart-wise, Mendes' second single undeservedly fell a little flat (it peaked at No. 80 on the Hot 100 in January 2015). With bumping bass lines, banging drums and contagious "oh oh oh"s in the chorus, "Something Big" deserved a little more love than it got -- but perhaps it's because Mendes managed to top his booming sound with his next few releases.

5. "Mercy"

While Mendes had already shown on his first album he knows how to do a pop ballad, this one in particular marked a major step up in sophistication. The reverb-heavy aura of "Mercy' adds a new level of drama that he hadn't brought in the past, one that showed a deeper side of the singer.

4. "Stitches"

The plucky acoustic guitar and clap-like beats make a lively background for a song that reminds all of us of our first heartbreak. The irresistible chorus in Mendes' third-ever single established him as a staple in pop music, and rightfully so -- even with the pain it may induce, "Stitches" is an undeniable jam that hurts so good.

3. "Treat You Better"

Essentially "Stitches" 2.0 with a more mature flair, this single from Mendes' second album told a deeper story than the heartbroken hit from album one. It depicts a love interest in an abusive relationship and Mendes' introspective thoughts on how he'd act differently, and makes just about anyone wish Mendes was pining for their heart.

2. "There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back"

Mendes' most danceable track to date is an adrenaline-pumping love song with growls guaranteed to make you swoon and maybe even fist-pump, too. Paired with a music video that would make any fan immensely jealous, the complexity of this song both musically and lyrically easily makes it a top tune in Mendes' catalog.

1. "In My Blood"

Fresh off the presses, "In My Blood" is arguably Mendes' most vulnerable and profound track yet. The lyrics in the verses beg for assistance during an incredibly painful time, contrasted by powerful shouts in the chorus. "In My Blood" stands apart from Mendes' past work by featuring more electric guitar, creating an effect that'll send chills down listeners' spines. Even with all the success he's had so far, we can tell he's nowhere near done stealing our hearts anytime soon.