Meet Bruno Major, British R&B Singer-Songwriter & Sam Smith Tourmate

Bruno Major
Katie Silvester

Bruno Major

Blissful, soulful, romantic and the perfect cure for any matters of the heart are just a few ways to describe Bruno Major's music. It's made up of R&B and alternative sounds, strong, defined vocals, accompanied by vulnerable lyrics, like "Leave me for dead/ Love your way back home/ And I'd still be smiling/ Like a madman in the rain/ And I would love you just the same," from his single "Just the Same." Major is a relatively fresh face to many, but determined to leave his mark -- especially now as he embarks on his first arena tour with Sam Smith, kicking off Tuesday (March 20) in the U.K.

The 29-year-old grew up in North London and first took an interest in music when he discovered the guitar around the age of 15 or 16, and hasn't looked back since. "Well I suck at everything else; this seemed like the obvious choice," he joked. Before having the opportunity to join Smith for the UK segment of his tour, Major had just wrapped up his first headline tour in the U.S., performing songs from his debut album, A Song For Every Moon.

A Song For Every Moon is made up of 12 songs, which were individually created and released every month over the course of a year. It's a unique method Major came up with to accomplish immediacy while creating music. "I didn’t really want to wait around a year or six months, whatever it is to make an album -- I wanted the album to feel fresh and I feel excited about it," he said. This concept of releasing music that was relevant to his life at that moment was also inspired by the animated series South Park. "I watched this documentary about South Park. They go in on Monday mornings and they write the whole show, animate, produce it, everything, and it airs on Saturday. They take one day off then on Monday, do the whole thing over again. I was so inspired by that," he shared. (South Park airs on Wednesdays, but you get the idea.) "Every time it comes out, it’s talking about stuff that’s literally happened that week. I thought that I should do that."

The album varies in terms of personal relationships. There's something for everyone experiencing heartbreak, falling in love, hardships in relationships, loss, etc. The track to set the tone for the album is "Wouldn't Mean a Thing." It's an anthem for lovers everywhere -- how having everything would mean nothing without that special person by your side.

Not only does Major accurately depict love on this LP, but he also raises thought-provoking questions relating to human existence and religion, as he does on the track "On Our Own," making his songwriting versatile. Influenced by the writing of Randy Newman, Bob Dylan and Billy Joel, hints of them can be seen in his lyrics, but Major has his own established voice. When asked what words he would use to describe A Song for Every Moon, he said: "a reflection of me."

Last month he made his TV debut on The Late Late Show With James Corden, performing the fan favorite "Easily." After he wraps up the U.K. tour with Smith, he will be touring on his own again in Europe, then back to the U.S., where he will also perform at his first U.S. festival, Bonnaroo. Less than three months into 2018, there have been many firsts for Major, and something tells us there are many more to come.

Stream Bruno Major's debut album A Song For Every Moon in full below, and check out his tour dates here.