Watch Kelly Clarkson Turn a Children's Book Into a Heartwarming Lullaby

Kelly Clarkson, 	 I've Loved You Since Forever
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Kelly Clarkson, "I've Loved You Since Forever"

Today Show anchor Hoda Kotb recently penned a heartwarming children’s book, I’ve Loved You Since Forever, for her daughter Haley Joy. Now, the book gets the star treatment, by being turned into an intimate ballad by a powerhouse singer-songwriter. 

Earlier this week, Kotb showed viewers a star-studded reading of the book, featuring Blake Shelton and Tyra Banks reading to adorable babies. Today, the new mom surprised everyone by enlisting her friend and pop great Kelly Clarkson to turn her book into a song.

“When Kelly Clarkson’s involved, I think it’s the best,” Kotb said. “I love music, but I can’t sing a note. I thought, ‘You know who might be the perfect person? The amazing Kelly Clarkson.’ She could put the words that have been in my head into a song.”

Clarkson was instantly on board, recording her own version of the song and filming a music video. "I made it more like a lullaby, like James Taylor -- like there's kind of some Patty Griffin in it," Clarkson told Kotb. “I’m actually more nervous than singing normal songs, since I know how important this is to you.”

Clarkson sang her ballad for Kotb -- which ended in tears from both of them. The singer also encouraged Kotb to contribute to the track by adding shakers.

Check out the tear-jerking music video, as well as a look behind the scenes, below.