'Delicate' Video Director Joseph Kahn Fires Back at Taylor Swift Fans Demanding 'Less Futuristic S--t'

If you aren't a Swiftie yourself, Taylor Swift fans can be intense. As a group, they've stuck with the pop star through a career that's involved genre changes, multiple feuds, and a few brief hiatuses -- and in turn, they're fairly opinionated when it comes to her next move. 

Most recently, her followers have been going after music video director Joseph Kahn on Twitter, criticizing his past seven videos with Swift for being too futuristic, which lead Kahn on a tear of hilarious responses ahead of their upcoming collaboration for "Delicate," set to drop on March 11.  

Although the video was shot "weeks ago," fans still went online to request less "sci-fi (and) futuristic shit," an assumed reference to videos like "...Ready For It," which does, in fact, involve a robot T.Swift. 

Kahn responded to fans with a hilarious string of tweets that called on memes and sarcastic nods to very un-futuristic past videos with the pop star to shut down the heated fans. He ended with the mental note: "Buy wigs."