The Aces Push For Harmony With 'Lovin' Is Bible': 'Our Differences Are Smaller Than They Seem'

Alexander Bortz
The Aces

Go ahead and start compiling your summer playlists -- The Aces have you covered. In advance of their upcoming debut album When My Heart Felt Volcanic, the Utah pop-rock group gifts fans yet another breezy, sunshine-splashed single today (Feb. 22) in the form of "Lovin' Is Bible."

As expected, the dreamy new love song comes chock-full of clever biblical references: "You can teach me how to speak your language / make me your disciple," purrs lead vocalist Cristal Ramirez, as a dizzying guitar hook mimics her romance-crazed words. But the band says the true meaning behind the song is more complex than it seems.

"Our world today is so divided with our current political leaders and in a total state of turmoil with all of the violence that’s been going on," the four-piece band tells Billboard over email, adding that a terrorist scare in London occurred during the writing session that produced the new song. "We wanted to take the chance through this song to talk about how our differences are smaller than they seem, and we are capable of loving and having real relationships with every person."

As bandmates for more than a decade (despite all being in their early twenties), the girls know a thing or two about working through differences: "It's a democracy," they explain about the band's dynamic. After a "heart-to-heart" in a Brooklyn Airbnb, they switched up the chorus to further reflect a theme of universal love: the tag line "you know I'm not religious" becomes "I know you're not religious" later in the track. "We all have different beliefs but still have such deep relationships," they explain.

"Lovin' Is Bible" follows up Volcanic singles "Volcanic Love," "Fake Nice" and breakout hit "Stuck." The album drops in full on April 6 via Red Bull Records.

Until then, check out the new track below, and take note of the group's final words on the brand-new offering: "If you put an extra effort into loving those around you, it will surprise you how easy it really is."