Michael Blume Debuts Stirring Self-Love Single 'Blunder': Exclusive

Michael Blume
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Michael Blume

New York-based singer-songwriter Michael Blume’s latest single “Blunder” makes no mistake about the power of self-worth. The song, released today via S-Curve, finds Blume putting the weight of others’ words behind him in order to move forward with his best self.

“A blunder is a mistake, an error you make from not seeing,” Blume tells Billboard. “This song is about the mistake of allowing others’ negativity to infiltrate and corrupt your psyche to the point that you start believing those bad ideas about yourself.”

The “Lifting You” singer continues his streak of empowering, self-love proclamations with his impassioned effort to break the cycle of holding himself back for fear of judgment. It’s a dire statement that is lightened by a thumping beat and Blume’s sincere delivery.

“I spent so many years feeling left out of love that I started to trick myself into believing I was not worthy or deserving of love. But I am,” Blume states. “Writing and processing this record has allowed me to see that error and correct it.”

With a fresh perspective and a replenished supply of positive self-image, there is nothing stopping Blume from showing what’s been inside him all along.

Check out “Blunder” exclusively on Billboard below.