Goldmund Announces New Album, Premieres New Single 'Circle': Exclusive

Keith Kenniff


American composer Keith Kenniff has returned under his Goldmund moniker for his new album and single “Circle.”

His timeless music helped establish Kenniff as one of the pre-eminent composers of piano-biased ambient music. His album Famous Places peaked at No. 33 on the Classical Albums charts in 2010.

“Circles” came from Goldmund playing around with sporadic patterns and diverse tempos. He wanted the song to feel raw and unpolished yet maintain an emotional connection. “I grabbed my handheld cassette recorder to capture it and perhaps turn it into a composition at a later date,” he shared with Billboard. “I really loved the warbly and lo-fi nature of how the recording was captured and the simplicity of the idea, so decided to base the composition solely around this pattern rather than it merely being an 'intro.’”

The upcoming Goldmund album Occasus (meaning end) is intended to “sound rough and unpolished, organic and impulsive, but emotionally connected to a specific moment in time."

Occasus is due April 13. Check out "Circle" below and the full tracklist after the jump.

Occasus Tracklist: 
1. Before
2. Above
3. Bounded
4. Breaking
5. As You Know
6. Circle
7. History
8. Migration
9. Radiant
10. No Story
11. Thread
12. Terrarium
13. Turns
14. Moderate
15. What Lasts