Hailey Knox Explores Social Media Isolation In 'Don't Got One' Video

Hailey Knox
Annie Powers

Hailey Knox

She's just 19, but Hailey Knox is already a veteran of sorts. After gathering a sizable fan base via the live stream platform YouNow (which paved the way for Facebook Live), the New York singer is taking her preternaturally soulful voice to the wider world in 2018.

Her new song, "Don't Got One," is an arresting, contemplative ballad about feeling isolation in the social media era – "I've got 5,000 friends who'll share, but I don't got one" – that shows off her confident vocals and thoughtful lyrics. Today (Feb. 7) Billboard is premiering the music video for "Don't Got One," a clip that finds Knox moving through a gorgeous, washed-out desert landscape.

"'Don't Got One' was written about how easy it is to make your life seem 'perfect' using social media; you can have a million followers and still feel lonely," Knox explains. "In the video I wander through the desert, lost and looking for the kind of connection we sometimes forget is important."

Check it out below.