Utah Rockers The Aces See Through the B.S. on 'Fake Nice,' Announce Debut LP

The Aces
Alexander Bortz

The Aces

Don't mess with The Aces. At least that's the gist of "Fake Nice," the latest single from the Utah pop-rock foursome that brought us breakout hit "Stuck" back in December.

The new single, the first from the group's just-announced debut album When My Heart Felt Volcanic (out April 6), finds lead singer Cristal Ramirez brushing off phoniness to the tune of twangy guitar and lush chords: "All you do is talk/ Really thinking that it won't get back to me." And though the lyrics are a far cry -- literally -- from the band's 2017 EP I Don't Like Being Honest, the new track only builds on the group's soulful, pop-laced sound.

“'Fake Nice' is a favorite off the album and representative of a funkier side of our sound,” notes the band. "We wrote it about being from a smaller town and experiencing living in a big city for the first time while trying to navigate all the new personalities that come along with that."

As the group -- made up of Ramirez and sister Alisa along with childhood friends McKenna Petty and Katie Henderson -- gears up for the release of Volcanic, they'll hit the road with fellow pop-rock group COIN on Feb. 1 for a full U.S. tour, followed by a run through U.K. and Europe.

Stream the new track below for a dose of IDGAF feels, and stay tuned for the full-length release.