Rozzi Premieres Captivating One-Take Video For 'Uphill Battle': Exclusive

Adam Levine's former signee Rozzi Crane -- who now goes by Rozzi -- comes into her own proudly in her raw music video for "Uphill Battle," which premieres Tuesday (Jan. 23) exclusively for Billboard

In the captivating one-take video, the 26-year-old songstress sits at a piano, accompanied only by a drummer and a guitarist, performing live at Capitol Studios. As Rozzi explained to Billboard, the simplicity of the video was intentional, in order to “keep the focus on the song and to take the lyrics and the story front and center."

The song itself is a beautiful testament to a woman’s complexity. Her voice is full and raspy as she explains that “you do the best you can, but I am an uphill battle,” lyrics that are meant to capture what it’s like accepting yourself in a relationship.

“We’re all complicated and complex in different ways and we all do and say things that challenge our partners," Rozzi said. "It’s easy to feel disappointed or frustrated with yourself after an argument & for me that often led to feeling like I was too much, like an uphill battle. This song is saying, I know I’m am a lot to handle, but I’m okay with it, it's who I am and it's who we all are."

The track is the first song off the singer's upcoming debut album, which is yet to have a release date or announced title. The songstress has had a rebranding of sorts, dropping "Crane" from her stage name, and scrubbing her Instagram of everything aside from what's related to her upcoming release.  

In 2015, the indie pop singer toured with Owl City, as well as Maroon 5. The Adam Levine connection came after Rozzi's fellow University of Southern California student and former Phantom Planet guitarist Jacques Brautbar asked her to collaborate sometime around 2011, and she was then connected to the manager they shared with Maroon 5.

Seven years after her fateful college encounter, Rozzi's future seems as promising as ever. Check out the video for "Uphill Battle" below.