Jason Derulo Surprises Zumba Class to Teach 'Tip Toe' Dance Moves

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Courtesy of Zumba

Multi-platinum artist and performer Jason Derulo"crashes" a Zumba Fitness class at The Beat Box LA and shows off his dance moves. Derulo has teamed up with the world's largest dance-fitness company to create the official choreography to "Tip Toe" and motivate millions around the world to get up and move/dance during the New Year.  

The R&B singer got a Los Angeles dance class moving through three of his hit songs.

On Tuesday night at Beat Box LA, I stepped out of a high-energy dance class to chat with Jason Derulo, who was preparing to lead 100 people through Zumba moves to three of his own tunes.

The mega-star was getting makeup applied to his face by an assistant who was also slathering lotion on his hands -- even though he would quickly transition into a hot and sweaty mess.

Derulo greeted me. I informed him that I had just attempted 10 minutes of Zumba and that that it wasn't pretty. "That's alright!" he cooed, flashing me a reassuring look. How does he do it -- go out onstage every night and sing while dancing his ass off? 

"I've been doing it for a very, very, very long time," he said. He was quick to point out, however, that it wasn't always like that. "I remember not being able to get past a 15 minute set," he revealed, chalking his stamina up to years and years of conditioning. 

Nowadays, to stay in stage shape, Derulo works out every day, rotating his cardio routines, and is a big fan of workout DVDs. He also sings while exercising to prepare for his tours and is also a proponent of talking to a friend while engaging in his fitness routines. "That prepares you for a lot and helps you stay fresh," he said.

Derulo has been busy as of late and is currently putting the finishing touches on his forthcoming album 777, which he hopes to release this summer. "I'm really excited that 'Swalla' was such a big song. And people are digging 'Tip Toe,' he said, noting his latest single will go to radio next month. "We didn't go to radio; we just kind of let the fans have it and with streaming and everything, songs take a life of their own. It's flying!" he said.

Some of the song's success is due to Derulo's latest partnership with Zumba Fitness. The "Talk Dirty" performer teamed up with the brand to choreograph a routine that pairs his signature dance moves to the beat of "Tip Toe," which is what brought us to this gym -- so he may lead his own Zumba class.  

"For this Zumba class, we are actually taking choreography from the video and dumbing it down a little bit so that people can learn it quickly because obviously we want to get a good workout in," he said. "We just want people to have a good time and be able to learn it really quickly. So it's taking some of the choreography from the video, sometimes even ramping up the movements so it gets people's heart rates up, and repeating a lot of the movements so that people can catch it."

Derulo reveals that his new album will feature numerous big-name guest stars. "I love collaborating," he said, nothing that there's a very different vibe on 777 than his previous releases. "I definitely have the party side of course but the album has a lot of peaks and valleys in terms of tempo." 

While he stayed mum on the song titles and inspiration behind the tunes -- "it's like the ending of a movie. You don't want to give it away!" he said with a laugh -- Derulo did say that the album will tackle the situations that he's dealt with in his life throughout the past few years. "It talks about my life and the things that I go through and my ups and downs relationship wise, life wise," he said. "I'm actually performing at the World Cup so the actual World Cup song that I did will be on the album as well." That track, according to Derulo, will drop within the next couple of weeks.

Following our chat, Derulo and his crew headed downstairs where he surprised a Zumba class by taking over the choreography for "Tip Toe." He danced amongst the crowd for a minute before hopping on the stage, shedding his sweatshirt to a sea of cheers and leading the room through the dance sequences behind two more of his tracks -- "Swalla" and "Talk Dirty." The crowd erupted in applause and eagerly copied Derulo's moves, which included plenty of suggestive pelvic thrusts, shoulder shrugs and playful shimmies.

With Derulo on stage, I and the other rhythmically challenged class participants suddenly forgot how bad we were at dancing and just went for it. With all eyes on the R&B superstar, it was safe for us to step away from the comfort of the workout room's back wall and enter the circle of seasoned Zumba participants. I might not have gotten all the moves down but I had a blast attempting them. And I could have sworn that at one point during "Swalla," Derulo even forgot his own routine, lost his footing, and had to glance over at his personal choreographer, Jeremy Strong, to get back on track with the sequence.

After the three songs, the crowd parted and Derulo left the room, sweatier than anyone who had been in the class for the entire duration of the session. There was no trace of any makeup left on his face -- or on anyone else in the room, for that matter.  


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