Pop Up-and-Comer Aly Ryan Shares Riveting Piano Breakup Ballad 'Borrow Time': Premiere

Frisco Lopez
Aly Ryan

We first wrote about Aly Ryan last November, when the German-born, LA-based artist self-released her attention-grabbing debut EP The Misfits. Those four tracks left us wanting more, and today, the 22-year old up-and-comer is back with her first new song of 2018 -- and the initial sampling of her debut full length.

"The song is about time,” Ryan tells Billboard. “Time is the most desired, most expensive and most wasted thing under the sun. And we all want more of it.”

Indeed, the age-old urge to turn back time is the heartbeat behind this yearning piano ballad, which doubles as a bittersweet breakup song with a flair for the dramatic. Piercing strings and cymbal smashes serve as the backdrop for Ryan's final salvo: “If I could I would press rewind / If I could I would change your mind/ If I could I would borrow time.”

Take a listen to "Borrow Time" below.

As Ryan prepares her first album, be sure to get acquainted with The Misfits. Last year’s release flashed Ryan’s diverse songwriting chops and earned her some well-deserved hype: opening track “No Parachute” sounds like the earworm-y, upbeat, piano pop cousin of “Borrow Time” and has over eight million SoundCloud spins to date. Listen here